Extraordinary possibilities

As a transformation coach, my aim is to help clients to discover their own integrity — the unprecedented combination of values, goals, talents and challenges that makes each person truly unique — and explore how to creatively make the most of it in the adventurous journey of life.


Marco Fida coachMarco Fida is a trainer, coach and inspirational speaker with a track record spanning over twenty years in helping people to achieve their goals more effectively in both business and life.

He has led workshops on communication, creativity and leadership for a broad range of organizational clients; coached executives, entrepreneurs, professionals and politicians; taught in master’s programmes at several Italian universities; trained for NLP institutes and for the Italian Society of NLP; taught self-development courses; presented talks at corporate meetings, conferences and cultural events.
He has a bachelor’s degree in law and also studied organizational behavior, transpersonal psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, Western esotericism and theatre.
Born in 1965 in Italy, he lives in Florence, the cradle of the Reinassance, the movement of cultural rebirth which asserted—as the humanist Gianozzo Manetti wrote in the 15th century—“the unique and extraordinary ability of the human mind.”